New Laphroaig Tasting Room


On wednesday evening Laphroaig distillery opened their doors to invited guests to show off the new tasting room at the distillery.


A premium tasting was laid on and included the four drams in the image below.


The first dram was the new 15 year old released as part of the distilleries 200th anniversary celebrations, and interestingly distillery manager John Campbell mentioned that the youngest spirit was 17 years old and the oldest 21 years. This begged the question, why not call it a 17 year old? Apparently it was reduced to a 15 year old name to avoid confusion with the core 18 year old product.


Another interesting touch was the “Opinions Wall” This consists of a wooden panelled wall with cut outs the size of a cask bung where visitors are invited to write any comments on new bungs and then push them into the wall. Once the wall is full (which won’t take long) the bungs are then used on new fill casks as they go into bond. So you could see your bung in a cask on a warehouse tour in the future.