Image of the week

Today I was conducting a photo workshop for an Easter visitor to Islay.

Of course when you live somewhere you can pick and choose the moments when you go out to take pictures but when you are on holiday you pretty much have to take what you get.

This was the case today, when I woke up I couldn’t see the bottom of my garden, the morning flight onto the island had been cancelled because of lack of visibility.  These sorts of conditions don’t fill you with enthusiasm or inspiration. On the up side because a client was waiting for me, it forced me to pack the camera and go out, rather than roll over and go back to sleep.

There was a preplanned route along the west coast of the island. Our first stop was to photograph the rock formations near to Smaull farm, I’ve been there many times before and in much better light and also sunsets. However the dull conditions made me decide to go for a long exposure (40 seconds) in this instance. Care was taken at the exposure stage as not to burn out the highlights which is all to prevalent with modern day cameras whilst at the same time retaining detail in the shadow of the rock on the RH side of the image. I have managed to keep both detail in the whites and blacks.

On getting home whilst the picture looked Ok, it did need lifting so I decided on a mono conversion and raising the contrast in the image. I’m not normally an advocate of “well it’s dull, go to mono” as the best mono pics are always shot in good light. In this instance though mono was the way to go.1383

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