Final thoughts on Brittany

After an extended period away from the island shooting some material for my agency, in Brittany (and having a break !), it’s time to start thinking Islay again. But before then a final thought about my time away.

I guess it should be no surprise that there are many similarities between the Celtic  Five. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. Yes they have a shared flag for marketing & promotional purposes and to show solidarity.

But then look at the landscape, the seascapes, the culture and music tradition and you soon realise how similar they are.

Every year an enormous festival of all things Celtic happens in the city of Brest, one Sunday morning  was shooting some pictures at an estuary and could hear the faint sound of bagpipes, a short walk and some investigation I found a French piper practising, he thought away from everybody but was going to perform at Brest later this summer.

And to this end even the wildlife and the odd problem or so that this can give.

Yes migratory geese happen here as well, many Barnacle geese, although much fewer than Islay numbers show up on the west coast of France to spend their winters, meaning farmers here have to delay sowing until they return north just as on Islay.

The picture here is of a native goose but look at the beak and you can see what they do to grasslands by un-earthing the roots.

The other familiar wild life we came across was otters and whilst these are common over many parts of europe, this was some what easier to photograph. Regularly baited so as to provide an attraction for observers and photographers, so perhaps even verging on the tame side ? But at least an easy photo not requiring a lens longer than your car’s exhaust to be able to fill the frame. I do not profess to be any wildlife expert but I am sure we surprised a white otter in a field close to a stream, do white otters exist ?


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