Rain protection for cameras

Earlier I wrote about an extreme weather situation and taking pictures.

The photo is of the gadget I used thast day.

It is made of thin plastic with a small hole punched in it, this is placed over the viewfinder, once the eyecup has been removed, the eyecup is then put back over so that viewing vision isn’t impaired.

The camera is then placed through the large entrance at the other end and a drawcord can be tightened around the lens so that just the front element of the lens is exposed.

All controls on the camera are then fairly easy to locate and use through the transparent plastic.

The only parts of the camera therefore exposed to the elements are the viewfinder and the front of the lens.

As I wrote earlier, this combination was subjected to a lot of water and none got through to the camera, the camera was dry once the cover was removed.

I was using the Canon 24-105 L lens and I think in these situations you would should only consider using the weatherproof L lenses, once the cover was removed (a little too early in this instance) both the camera and lens received a good drenching  but actually this has had no after effects on the equipment.

I have also used them whilst shooting from a kayak and whilst paddling kept the ensemble in a dry hatch in the back of the kayak with no problems.

Doing some research for this article, I was trying to find the manufacturer/price for it, but couldn’t find it, but I seem to remember that a pack of two of these bags were about £5-6 so extremely good value for money.

I would recommend them providing the equipment wasn’t going to be submersed.

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